Testimonies from satisfied weight management & stop smoking clients & more

The following are a few testimonies from clients covering a variety of subjects and changes made possible by the use of Hypnotherapy.

Client with depression

Using usual methods of therapy, I have worked on various issues of my childhood and issues of my adulthood. But I always felt that I wasn’t getting to the core of what I was doing and why.
Then I came across the web site. the web site “spoke” to me. I felt very comfortable when I corresponded with her. I decided to make an appointment and was glad I did! At my session with her, I felt I had really worked through the issues at a level that I was unable to duplicate with other therapies. I truly recommend working with them. They really creates a safe environment. Thank you for all your help!

Stop Smoking Clients

Good morning,
I just wanted to let you know that I am doing well on not smoking. I have even rejoined a gym and work with a trainer who is getting me toned up. I have had little slips here and there, but I don’t beat myself up about it. I have also dealt with the terrible boss issue that was causing me so much stress, but taking control of the situation.

Thanks again for what you have done for me. My journey is far from over, but at least I have some sort of tools to help me.

Have a great day,

Lynette Carlson


I’m pleased to say Brian and I have not smoked a cigarette since we left your office on Friday. It gets easier every day. Visualizing what I would do as a non-smoker in my everyday routines has been a huge help to me. Rather than wondering mindlessly on my breaks at work, I have found myself doing exactly what I had visualized. All is going really well. The craving/habit was still there, but yet the tools that you gave me to overcome them have been working pretty well. I could have just as easily walked out the door and smoked, but supporting my hubby, along with not wanting to disappoint him or my children or myself by keeping this commitment, and using the tools you gave me have made all the difference. I don’t know that I would have had the same willpower to quit without any of those things. I know you truly do care… thank you for helping more than you had to. You have helped to make positive changes in our lives. ~ Glenda

Doing well 11 days no smoking so far no craving either.


Stopped smoking the first week we met and still not smoking.
Thank you, Brigette

The last cigarette I had was the one I smoked on the way to your office. We did miss a trigger or two as I did not think of them in that context when we were going over them. The biggest one is when I get really absorbed with a TV program and then the commercial comes on. I have always in the past walked into my office and had a cigarette. Well, I still have the urge to light one up, I do not want to smoke it, but I just light it. I got a couple of stress balls and have dealt with that very well and it only occurs rarely now. All in all I am feeling pretty good about it.
Thanks again, not only for the help in quit smoking but the inspiration to continue with my studies.

Professional Boxer’s focus

I was distracted by the crowd before, I would panic. Now after Hypnotherapy I can focus, I can now do things as I should. Before I was paranoid if the fight wasn’t going as it should and now I can conserve my strength. Before I was shy of the crowd but now I ignore them.


Weight Management Clients

I’m doing well, have been trying to listen to the CD about every other evening. So far I’ve lost 10# and have not in the least felt hungry. The first couple of days after our last session on the 8th I was afraid to eat for fear I wouldn’t know well enough when I was satisfied to be able to either just stop or push my plate away. Finally I just decided to ‘go for it’! Amazingly, actually unconsciously, I was able to just say to myself ‘I’m done’ and push the plate away.
This past weekend we were at a field trial all weekend, eating potluck and not at all on any schedule. I had brought along a birthday cake for a friend of ours. I was able to eat a very tiny piece of it and was totally satisfied. Saturday night we had a wonder catered Italian dinner at the awards banquet. I took what would have been my normal amount of food but was satisfied eating less than half of it! Again the plate ‘disappeared’.


More Testimonies

I have been pretty busy since our last meeting 4 ½ months ago. I have really been working on getting healthier, I have lost 55 lbs, long way to go yet, working on other personal improvement things as well. I know it is going to take a while but I really am grateful to you for helping me to get started. Thanks Marty


This is Trish Clements. I came to you almost a year ago to quit smoking. I’m still a non-smoker!!!! Thanks


Thank you again for your help. You really are a godsend.–
Bhakti McAteer


This is Darci Mattioda, now Darci McConnell.
I went to you to quit smoking a year and a half ago and am still smoke free!I received your post card and thought I would email you to let you know how
thankful I am that I went to see you. It is such a great freedom being a non-smoker and I finally feel true to myself. Thanks for all your help! I will continue to
pass your name out to all my friends and family.